Choosing a color for your competition suit can be tough.  There are so many color options in all sorts of finishes.  The best way to choose a color is to start with colors you love.  Jewel tone colors (red, blue, green and purple) compliment just about every skin tone.  Narrow down your choices by choosing one or two finishes you like.

Blonde Hair - We recommend shades of blue, green and purple. 

Our favorite shades for blondes are Mystique Ocean Blue, Mystique Hunter Green, Shattered Glass Emerald, Shattered Glass Turquoise and Shattered Glass Eggplant.

Red Hair - We recommend shades of green and blue.

Our favorite shades for red heads are Mystique Ocean / Kelly, Shattered Glass Emerald / Black and Mystique Navy.

Brown Hair - We recommend shades of red, purple and green.

Our favorite shades for brunettes are Shattered Glass Volcano Red, Mystique Volcano, Mystique Burgundy, Shattered Glass Amethyst, Shattered glass Turquoise.

Black Hair - We recommend shades of red, green and blue.

Our favorite shades for black hair are Shattered Glass Red / Black, Mystique Micro Flex Burgundy, Hawaii, Mystique Pine, Mystique Pacific Royal.


Mystique fabrics fave a nice shimmer to them.  Some shades are solid colors and others have a mix of two tones to give them a unique dimension.  These fabrics look great on stage.

Shattered Glass fabrics have a holographic look.  They shimmer in all directions and offer a ton of sparkle even with few crystals. 

Hologram fabrics are similar to Shattered Glass fabrics.  They have mini dots that sparkle in a multitude of colors.  They are so beautiful under stage lights. 

Matte fabrics are bold in color and have a matte finish.  They look great with a mix of Swarovski crystals in multiple sizes.   

If you're thinking of choosing a light color like white or pale gold there's a high chance you may get some staining from your tan on the suit and it typically does not come out.  We always let our girls who love white suits know they may only get one wear out of their suit.  Keep this in mind if you're planning to wear a suit more than once.

If you're unsure of which shade looks best with your features we are happy to send you a few  color swatches.  The colors always look a bit different in person and will look different under the stage lights.

Shattered Glass Volcano Red
Mystique Volcano Red
Matte Red
Mystique Burgundy
Matte Scarlet
Shattered Glass Red / Black
Mystique Burgundy / Black
Mystique Micro Flex Burgundy
Mystique Blush / Gold
Mystique Sangria
Mystique Fluorescent Orange
Mystique Neon Baby Pink
Mystique Orangeade
Mystique Gold / Baby Pink
Mystique Taffy Pearl
Mystique Micro Flex Mauve
Mystique Merlot
Mystique Neon Pink
Mystique Iris / Lavender
Mystique Grape
Mystique Eggplant
Shattered Glass Lavender
Mystique Grape / Blue
Shattered Glass Amethyst
Shattered Glass Eggplant
Mystique Viola Pearl
Mystique Silver
Mystique Pacific / Royal
Mystique Navy / Royal
Shattered Glass Navy / Black
Matte Navy
Shattered Glass Turquoise
Shattered Glass Sapphire Royal
Mystique Ocean Blue
Matte Cerulean
Mystique Aquamarine / Dim Blue
Mystique Deep Sea Titanium
Matte Teal
Matte Cactus
Shattered Glass Aqua Gold
Mystique Teal
Shattered Glass Emerald
Mystique Emerald Blue
Mystique Teal Blue
Mystique Pacific Kelly
Mystique Pine
Mystique Hawaii
Mystique Forest
Mystique Kelly
Mystique Spring Green
Shattered Glass Kelly
Shattered Glass Black Kelly
Mystique Aqua Mint
Mystique Micro Flex Olive
Mystique Neon Yellow
Mystique Butterscotch
Shattered Glass Gold
Mystique White Gold
Mystique Gun Metal
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