Level 1 

$300 -$400 + gst Light Scatter/Cascade

*Does not include figure suits

Level 2

$400 - $500 + gst 

Medium Cascade/Scatter

Starter figure suits included

Level 3

$600.00 + gst

Heavy Cascade/Scatter

Light figure design


Level 4

Our most Popular!!!!

Starting at $700 + gst

Full Coverage scatter, Ombre, Cascade

(small spacing between crystals)


The Elite

Starting at $800 + gst

Multi-color full coverage figure patterns

Full coverage Euro Bikini designs


Our base level suits start at $300.  This includes your choice of connectors, fabric, foam inserts if requested and a light scatter of Swarovski crystals in your choice of color. 

Level 1 is perfect for the first time competitor who doesn't want to spend out of their comfort zone or who is unsure if they will compete for a second time.  


We encourage you to order a suit that fits your budget.  You are always welcome to send your suit back to us to add more crystals or to swap out connectors to change the look of your suit for your next show, even if the original suit wasn't designed by us.  Contact us to discuss pricing options.  

Our Level 2 suits offer you a heavier crystal design.  This includes the base level figure suit.  

Are you the girl who wants a simple scatter? Lets add different sizes of stones to add a unique look.  A simple cascade coming out from the middle or top of the cup is always a pretty design.  We can add as many colors as you like.

Level 3 offers a full coverage scatter with some spacing between the crystals.  We can apply the crystals in a straight linear line or we can scatter them all over to give you a fuller look.

Lets add different sizes and tones to create a fun unique design. 

We can create a scatter, cascade or loose ombre design.

Are you a figure girl? This Level will offer you a beautiful crystal design but there will be fabric showing between the lines.  

Level 4 is our most popular design and we are now offering payment plans for all Level 4 and up custom suits!

This design features a full crystal design with little to no spacing between crystals.

Get this look in a random crystal scatter using your choice of colors, a full ombre or cascade.

Figure suits will have a more complex design but not quite full coverage.

Welcome to our Elite Designs.  This is for the girl who wants a complete full coverage suit offering all the sparkle with no limits.

Figure suits will include a full coverage bum with a complex crystal design.

Euro style bikinis will feature full coverage top and bottom design with a heavy scatter of crystals on the bum and full coverage along the bottom straps. 

Crystal Design on Shoes

Starting at $50