We carry a large selection of Precosia connectors  to enhance  the look of your suit.  You can feel confident knowing our connectors won't break!! They are sourced form the best supplier!!


Our bikinis come with 5 crystal connectors of choice.  The connectors are included in the price of your suit.  If there's a design your looking for thats not listed below send us an email and we can send you additional information.  We offer most of our styles in crystal AB and gold which are usually special order.  This helps us to keep our stock low to allow us to keep our costs down for you!

Below are our current in-stock connectors. We do update this list as new styles are requested or if we want to freshen up the selection. 

We get asked all the time which connectors compliment certain body types.  See below for some tips on which connectors to choose!!

Our C1, C3 and C4 connectors work with most body types.  C3 is our most popular connector choice. 

-If you are petite, we suggest C1, C2, C4 C6 and C9 connectors.

-If you have a broader build  avoid anything too wide that will look too bulky on your frame.

-If you're trying to increase the amount of push up between your cups try using M2 and M4

-Want to ditch the strings hanging down your back? choose a complimenting back connector! B1 is our favorite!

Figure Suits also have the option of adding a set of connectors to the neck straps and center of the cups.  We can also add a set of crystal clasps to the bottom to make it easier to put on and take off for an additional $25.  We also include sliders on the cross back to allow you to easily tighten and loosen your straps. We don't advise connectors on the bottoms of figure suits. You want to be able to hike your bottoms up high on your hips and adding connectors makes it tricky to accomplish this.


If you would like us to help you decide which connectors will compliment your body type the best send us an email! We're always happy to help!!