I am so excited you chose to work with Sarah Marie Bikini!

It's recommended that you use a desktop to place your order so you can view the page contents easier.

Ordering your suit can be an overwhelming process, especially if it's your first time!! If there are any questions along the way I'm here to help!! 


We  recommend ordering your suit AT LEAST 8 weeks out.  This allows time to ensure crystals and connectors are in stock.  

Detailed figure suits should be ordered AT LEAST 12 weeks out.

We can usually accommodate last minute orders but there will be a rush order charge applied to the order as we have to put our other orders on hold.  

We like to ship out suits around the 3-4 week mark to ensure the measurements given at that time are closer to your stage measurements.  Your body can change quite a bit in that time frame so it's not recommended to send suits out too early.  If you have ordered with us before or know where your stage measurements will be we can certainly send your suit out early if requested. 

Please understand that each and every suit is hand cut, sewn and created and not mass created.  This process takes a bit of time so patience is appreciated.  We always send progress pics along the way and really try to stick to the production timelines.  Sometimes suits can take less time than estimated and that's a bonus!!


We have recently started offering payment plans to help make the cost easier to budget.  We take an initial deposit of $100 which is non-refundable.  This secures your spot and helps cover the supplies ordered for your suit.  We then break up your total into 2 or 3 equal payments which must be completely paid before your suit ships.  We are not responsible for your suit being shipped late due to payments not being paid in full.



Suits placed under 3 weeks out are considered a Rush Order and will have a fee of $50 applied to the order along with rush shipping fees which will depend on the time frame before your show.  We typically ship with Canada post expedited shipping which is 2-4 days.  If we express ship with fed ex or purolator it will vary between $40-100.


We offer a few different styles of cups.

It is so important when you place your order to send us really clear pictures.  We want to see you in a regular triangle bikini top or a bra (NOT A SPORTS BRA) to see if you require additional support and determine the best look for you.

Triangle Tops- these are our basic design.  They slide along a string and can be scrunched to offer less coverage or stretched out for a bit more coverage.  We add a small pocket to allow for padding.  This style is best suited for girls with a smaller bust who do not require additional support and for girls with breast implants.  We ask for both a triangle height and width measurement to ensure we make the cup the correct size.  Please take this measurement while wearing a triangle top.  

Molded Cups - These cups are constructed using a foam cup which the fabric is sewn over top.  We can add a pocket if requested for additional padding.  These cups are best suited for girls who want a bit of extra push up or need the support of a stable cup.  These cups dont always fit every woman perfect as we are all shaped different.  We really want to see you in a basic bra and may ask you for multiple pictures.  If you are really petite in the chest sometimes the cups pop out on your chest and the triangle top is better suited.  If you have any concerns please let us know and we can help you choose the best cup.

Underwire Cups - These cups are constructed like a typical bra.  Please make sure this top is accepted for your federation before placing your order.  There is a $30 up charge for this style.

Choosing Your Bottom Coverage

Before you place your order read the rules and regulations for the federation you're competing with.  Each federation has their own set of guidelines when it comes to coverage.  For example, The Canadian Physique Alliance allows 30% coverage and the NPAA allows 50% coverage.  

If you are competing in multiple federations or categories we recommend having an additional set of bottoms so that you don't risk being disqualified.  An additional set of bottoms start at $100 and will depend on the design and amount of crystals required.  


We can not make your bottoms larger!!

We do not add connectors to our figure bottoms.  We want you to be able to hike your bottoms high on your waist and having connectors makes this difficult.


When you receive your suit it may fit a bit snug at first.  By show day it should fit perfect, however sometimes you may need a quick alteration.  You are always welcome to send it to us for a slight alteration but will be responsible for the shipping both ways.  We want to ensure you are happy with your order!